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Tape Supply is on online resource for technical support and the supply of all types of industrial, aerospace and OEM pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.  We provide duct tape, double sided tape, masking tape, reflective tape, paper tape, electrical tape, foam tape, packaging tape, transfer tape, fiberglass tape, vinyl tape, cloth tape, carpet tape, fiberglass tape, gaffers tape, marking tape, aluminum tape, filament tape, thermal tape, transfer tape, ATG tape, Kapton tape, Kraft tape, PTFE tape, PVC tape, silicone tape, splicing tape, strapping tape, non skid tape, high temperature tape, protective tape, foil adhesive tapes and a wide variety of specialty tapes.

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Whether you need 1 case or 1 pallet, we can help you locate the correct tape for the application.

 Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any technical questions you may have about tapes and adhesives.  We provide technical support and supply for all types of pressure sensitive adhesives: rubber adhesives, acrylic adhesives and also high temperature silicone adhesives.

Die Cut Tapes and Adhesives

Custom Die Cut Tapes and Adhesives

The type of pressure sensitive adhesive required for an application is often dependent on many variables, with maximum use temp being one of the more important considerations.  Rubber based adhesives are generally for applications from -20F (-29C) to +120F (49C).  Acrylic adhesives are generally for applications from -40F (-40C) to +180F (82C) or +325F (163C) depending on the formulation and the backing material.  Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are often suitable for ambient temperatures from -100F (-73C) to 500F (260C).



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